Research Fellow

My research interest lies in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies focused on Decentralized Finance (DeFi), analyses of incentives in protocols, cryptocurrency adoption, smart contracts, and tokenomics.

I am a Research Fellow at Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology. Previosly I lead the research and development of DeFi protocols and spearheaded the design of blockchain economic models at Polygon. I have worked in quantitative roles in traditional finance firms like JPMorgan Chase and ICICI bank. I started my career as a computational fluid dynamics engineer at Ansys.

I hold a PhD in Economics from the University of Warwick, an MA in economics from the Delhi School of Economics, and a Bachelor of Technology from IIT Kanpur.

My research shows that transparent quantitative models can be built to make the DeFi protocols financially stable. The risk assessment simulations can be used to design better DeFi protocols e.g. liquidation logic in Lending protocols. I have worked on stablecoins design. My work shows how blockchain scaling solutions make decentralized exchanges a viable alternative to CLOB-based centralized exchanges. My research also explores the fundamental determinant of interest rates in the cryptocurrency market. I am working on the incentive design of a multi-chain ecosystem with exponential scaling capacity that aims to provide a decentralized internet infrastructure.

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Cryptoeconomics
  • Token design
  • Smart contracts
  • Cooking food and minting blocks
  • PhD in Economics

    University of Warwick

  • MRes in Economics, distinction

    University of Warwick

  • MA in Economics, 2014

    Delhi School of Economics

  • BTech in Chemical Engineering, 2006

    Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur